The holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s nothing quite as festive and fun as decorating your home to create eye-catching holiday decor. When it comes to window decorations, there are countless things you can do to spread holiday cheer.

Here are twelve holiday-inspired window decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing for some winter celebrations.

1. A Seasonal Banner


Alt Text: A dog is sitting on a sofa while wearing a red Santa hat. There is a banner that says, “Merry Christmas” hanging in front of three windows.


When it comes to window designs, sometimes less is more. You don’t always need to throw up a bunch of decorations and create a lot of clutter, especially if that doesn’t fit your aesthetic taste. Let the beauty of your windows be the focal point, accented with a simple and sophisticated banner that best exemplifies your personal message of holiday cheer.

2. Time for Thanksgiving 


Alt Text: This window sill is featuring two orange candles, a jar of pumpkins and acorns, a glass of corn and a burlap cloth.


Thanksgiving is a time for people to celebrate togetherness. While you want to be a good host to your Thanksgiving dinner guests, you also want your home to be welcoming and warm, too. By adding decorative fall aspects to your home’s interior, you’ll do just that. Incorporating elements like pumpkins, candles, burlap and ornamental corn husks to your window can be a perfect way to prepare your home for the holidays while being budget friendly at the same time.

3. Hanging Dreidels


Small dreidels are hanging in a window. One has a blue chevron pattern, one has a light blue design and the other has white, green and red patterns.


Want to incorporate traditional Hanukkah decor in your holiday window design? These hanging dreidels are the perfect touch to make your house more inviting and homey during the festive season. Plus, you can make it a fun craft to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids. You can even add battery operated lights so they shine through the window during the night!



4. Menorahs Beyond the Mantle


This window has a menorah with eight lit candles giving off a warm hue, overlooking a view of neighboring homes.


Menorahs are a traditional and beautiful Hanukkah symbol used all over the world during the holiday season. Not only are they an interior focal point during the day time, but placing one on the window sill and lighting it, makes for a serene and gorgeous window display throughout the evening hours. Both you and your nearby neighbors can enjoy this calming and symbolic tradition during the Hanukkah season.

5. Diwali Decor


There are twinkle lights and orange Diwali decor hanging across three windows. There are also green plants set on the floor in front of the windows, and candles on the window sills


When celebrating Diwali, you can never have enough illuminating items — after all, it is the festival of lights! Try hanging strands of twinkle lights across your windows and lighting multiple candles along the window sill, and you’ll have a Diwali design for all your friends and family to admire!


6. The Window Box Christmas Tree


This red house has a flower box below the window that’s decorated with Christmas decor. There is greenery, dried hydrangeas, a metal lantern and a plaid bow.


If your home is already fitted with window boxes, this is the perfect window decoration for you. Simply fill them with foam, garland or foraged greenery (pine leaves preferred), colorful ornaments and Christmas lights. Much like a Christmas tree, windows boxes are completely customizable, so there’s no limit in terms of creativity and festive fun.



7. Wreath Letters


This white, brick house has garland over the banister, candles by the bushes and “JOY” spelled out using wreaths over the windows.


There’s something elegant about simple and deliberate designs, like this minimalist wreath letter decoration. This window designer utilized letters created out of wreaths to spread a positive message. Depending on how many front-facing windows you have, you can customize and craft any message that best fits your sentiments this holiday season.


8. Hanging Ornaments


This kitchen design has a white farmhouse sink and a dark marble countertop. There are big ornaments hanging in front of the kitchen window, two small trees in silver vases on the sides of the sink and some garland draped across the window.


Who said that ornaments are exclusively for Christmas trees? Here is a perfect example of how to use them in a fun, new way. Hanging ornaments from string or yarn in varying heights across the top of your window frame creates a dynamic window decoration that is both festive and affordable.



9. Christmas Silhouettes


This window features white tree and snowflake stickers, and there is a winter display in front of the window including a sleigh, presents and a pine tree.

Source Image Credit: Jo Henderson

You can use large and small silhouette window stickers to cover lots of space while simultaneously creating an incredibly festive environment. From Christmas trees and snowmen to a flurry of snowflakes, there are hundreds of ways to use window stickers to create unique, holiday-inspired window decor. The greatest part about this decoration idea is that it’s relatively inexpensive, and it fits into almost any home design aesthetic.

10. Simple Vases


This kitchen has a window above the sink. There is garland hanging above and around the window, and there are three white vases on the window sill holding seasonal foliage. There are white cabinets on each side of the sink.


No rule states that you have to spend hours decorating for Christmas time. Putting seasonal foliage in neutral vases can be a quick and simple way to bring the winter season into your home (an idea that can be used all year long — just change out the foliage to match the season). For example, taking red winter berries and putting them in a vase is a subtle way to dress up your window sill for a spirited holiday season.

11. Line Your Windows With Garland


This large country kitchen has green garland hanging across three windows above the sink. The rolling island is holding some kitchen items, including plants, baskets, a cutting board and a dishtowel.


Lining your windows with garland is a great way to carry a gorgeous holiday aesthetic into your window decorations. The best part? Just like a Christmas tree, you can decorate them however you want! Cover them in intricately patterned ornaments, string a simple set of white lights or leave it bare for a rustic look — no matter what colors or patterns you use, your windows will be holiday-ready.

12. A Candle Wreath


This white-trimmed window has a candle wreath centered on the lower sash.


With all the DIY and design experts out there, you are no longer limited to the standard Christmas wreath for window and door decorations. This simple yet elegant window wreath is absolutely gorgeous and crafting one on your own is much simpler than you’d think. There are no limits to the elegant wreaths you can create with some twine, a brass hoop, decorative leaves, a candlestick and a pair of scissors. Let the Christmas crafting begin!



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