Perfect windows can make all the difference in transforming your living space and we should know. Paradigm’s residential vinyl windows have been used all over the northeast for decades providing custom-made solutions that can fit in any home’s aesthetic. 

If you’re preparing to undertake a window replacement project, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. 

Double Hung Showstoppers

With benefits such as increased ventilation, energy efficiency and ease of cleaning the inside and outside glass — along with unlimited exterior and interior color and grid options — there are absolutely no limits to the residential applications of our showstopping Premium 8-series Double Hung Vinyl Windows.

Double hung vinyl windows are operable at both the top and bottom sashes, so you can open them from the top or bottom for a wider range of use. No matter where you put them, these windows offer a high-end, low-profile look.


Paradigm’s double hung windows in a renovated bathroom with a clawfoot tub


Superior Sliding Windows

Slider windows open horizontally instead of vertically, with the sash sliding to the left or right. It’s like a single or double-hung window on its side. These windows can help increase panoramic views of the outdoors if you’re into that sort of thing. (If you’re not, you should convert. Research proves that natural light increases productivity, happiness and healthiness.) They are a perfect fit for buildings with limited vertical area. 

These windows also require fewer parts to manufacture, meaning they are easier to use and result in less maintenance over time. Paradigm offers two different horizontal slider windows — the 8-Series and the 5-Series — to fit any kind of project, on any kind of budget. 


A indigo blue living room with a fireplace, overstuffed couch and comfortable chairs.


Beautiful Bay & Bow Windows

Both bay and bow windows protrude outward from the home’s main walls, designed to create space indoors and provide a wider view of the outdoors. The difference between the two is that a bay window is typically constructed from three or more windows, where bow windows are typically larger and consist of four to six windows with less of an outward projection. 

Paradigm bay and bow windows have the capability to enhance a living space while simultaneously providing sweeping views, added ventilation for better airflow and more natural light. This type of window is designed to be energy efficient by incorporating insulated head and seat boards.

If you have the space, add one of these truly beautiful and uniquely constructed windows to your project. You and your home value won’t regret it.


A window seat with a book surrounded by four windows, pillows and a floral arrangement.

Casement Windows

With superior ventilation capabilities and unlimited design variations, vinyl casement windows could be just the window design you are looking for. Casement windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges on the side.

You can pair casement window frames together or use them individually, based on your needs. Because casement windows swing out, they offer homeowners superior ventilation and their single sash offers you a completely unobstructed view of the outside world. 

Paradigm’s premium casement windows provide exceptional security with multi-point locks, nicer views, easier cleaning, and a plethora of design possibilities. They have three continuous seals of weather-stripping around their perimeter to eliminate drafts and deliver you ultimate comfort and coziness. 

These windows also have unique multi-chambered, fusion-welded sashes and frames to ensure durability and longevity. You can enjoy their comfort for years and years.


A stylish dining room with a dark wood table, farmhouse overhead light fixture and window seat with pillows.

Specialty Shaped Windows

If you think you have a shape in mind that can’t be achieved by Paradigm, think again. All of our windows are made to order and specialty shaped windows — whether they are curved, pointed, long or short — can add personality and curb appeal to any home.

When the space is calling for something unique, Paradigm’s team can turn your dream into a reality. As with all of our window products, these windows are available for both new construction and replacement projects.


Long and luxurious, these elegant windows enhance the height of the home, making it seem even taller than it already is.


Poignantly pointy, this custom-shaped window mimics the angle of the roof for a cohesive design


This arched window mimics the curves of the chandelier for a design that works throughout the entire home

There are so many different residential window designs and no matter which one you choose, Paradigm has a solution for you with industry-leading warranties.

Ready to get started on your home window renovation project? Check out all of Paradigm’s window collections or find a near you distributor with our Dealer Locator