A Message from Our CEO

Oct 19, 2020Behind the Blinds, What's New

​During this unprecedented time, our industry, like many industries throughout the world, has been impacted. Despite the challenges we are all facing every day, this is also a time that is bringing out the best in some. We, at Paradigm Windows, choose to see this as an opportunity to be grateful, look at the positive outcomes, and focus on things that we can control.

With that, Paradigm Windows is stronger than ever. Stability through COVID-19 is an incredible feat. While we have seen many of our competitors and like-minded businesses trim staff or unfortunately, close their doors, we are hiring! It is out of our commitment to service that we are working diligently to increase our sales staff, add to our workforce within the manufacturing plant, and enhance our customer service team. It is our goal and our continued promise to provide reasonable lead times, high-quality products, and on-time delivery.

We are grateful to those that have stayed committed to Paradigm through changing seasons and changing times. We are also committed to our employees. During this time of increased production, we have implemented additional rigorous cleaning and hygiene protocols throughout our facility and are practicing safety precautions that include social distancing, daily screening, and temperature checks to protect our team. I am incredibly proud of our people – coming to work every day, putting others before themselves to produce Paradigm products during this unprecedented time.

When the pandemic erupted, we took immediate steps as a business to safeguard the continued supply of essential products to ensure that we would be able to continue to fulfill orders requirements. We have ramped up production, maximized shift line efficiencies and capacity, and continue to produce and ship seven days a week.

We are a business with 40 years of history that includes good times and bad, ups and downs, and everything in between The strength, resilience, and compassion with which our communities are coming together has been nothing less than extraordinary and inspiring. We will emerge stronger and more resilient in the future.

We are in this together. We are here to assist you and I encourage you to reach out at any time. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And thank you.

Phil Mahaney
President and CEO

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