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Whether residential or commercial, designers rely on trusted partners to deliver their vision. With over 35 years of window design and manufacturing experience, you can trust that Paradigm Windows will be a great solution for you and your clients. Paradigm is a leading manufacturer of premium quality and Energy Star-rated, custom vinyl windows and sliding doors. Our local dealers will work with you to help you create the perfect solution for your clients’ budget and aesthetic needs. Additionally, Paradigm Windows offers an industry leading 5-Year Labor Warranty, as we vigorously stand behind every window and door that leaves our facility. All of our products are available for your new construction or replacement project needs.

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Visit ARCAT to find design specs and CAD drawings of all our standard products.

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8-Series Windows

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5-Series Windows Brochure

Paradigm Windows Product Line

From double hung windows to bay windows, and even sliding doors, Paradigm offers a full suite of customizable window solutions to specify in any new construction or replacement project.

Premium Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Double Hung

Double hung windows are operable at both the top and bottom sashes. This means you can… read more

Premium Vinyl Single Hung Windows

Single Hung

Single hung windows have a fixed top sash which does not move, while the bottom sash is… read more

Premium Vinyl Casement Windows


Casement windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges on the side. They… read more

Premium Vinyl Awning Windows


Awning windows provide a clean and contemporary look. This window type is hinged at the… read more

Premium Vinyl Hopper Windows


Hopper windows can be described as an awning window that operates in reverse… read more

Premium Vinyl Slider Windows


Slider windows open horizontally, with the sash sliding to the left or right. Think of it… read more

Premium Vinyl Picture Windows


Picture windows are large, rectangular or square windows that typically dominate one… read more

Premium Vinyl Specialty Windows


To add dimension and interest to a window project, often times custom shapes are the… read more

Premium Vinyl Bow & Bay Windows

Bow & Bay

Both bay and bow windows protrude outward from the main walls of a building, designed to… read more

Premium Vinyl Sliding Doors


Sliding doors offer many advantages over traditional door options, including increased… read more

Why Choose Paradigm


Paradigm Window Solutions is a leading manufacturer of premium quality and Energy Star… read more

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