Commercial Windows & Doors

We can cover just about any of your commercial project needs.

Paradigm Commercial Windows & Doors

Paradigm has the right product for your commercial project with a dedicated Team of Window Specialists, ready to assist you with windows developed and designed for your every fenestration need.

Our experience with the general contractor, commercial developer and the architectural community has earned us a reputation for dependability, diversity and proven performance.

Our products can tackle your requirements from the New Construction Multiplex Housing to Renovation and Retrofit for that apartment building.

Paradigm products are designed for Beauty, Strength & Performance.


  • 14 Standard Colors + Custom Color
  • Industry Leading Mullion System
  • Exterior Casings


  • Tilt & Turn dual-functioning window designed to provide ventilation, security, emergency egress and easy cleaning from the inside.
  • Galvanized Steel Reinforcement
  • Interior & Exterior Laminates Available


  • Energy Star V 6
  • Exterior Flat Casing
  • Value Engineered

Contact us and allow our Window Specialists to assist you in selecting the Energy Star rated, NFRC & AAMA Certified Paradigm product that’s right for you.

Commercial Brochure

Take a closer look at commercial window products. Click the image to download the Commercial Brochure.

Commercial Lookbook

Commercial Lookbook

Envision what our products could help your project become. Click the image to download the Commercial Lookbook.

Paradigm Windows Product Line

From double hung windows to bay windows, and even sliding doors, Paradigm offers a full suite of customizable window solutions to specify in any new construction or replacement project.

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Why Choose Paradigm


Paradigm Window Solutions is a leading manufacturer of premium quality and Energy Star... read more

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