Homeowners across the country can choose windows and doors made from a wide variety of materials to suit their unique needs. For some, the most important feature for their windows is curb appeal; for others, energy efficiency and affordability are crucial. Vinyl windows provide all of these benefits and then some, making them the most popular option in the nation.

Wide Selection of Vinyl Products

It’s important to provide plenty of options from which homeowners can choose when they’re shopping for replacement windows. Double hung vinyl windows are some of the most popular options on the market, but you might find that your residential customers prefer vinyl casement, single hung, awning, or even custom windows. In fact, you can even provide sliding doors and specialty windows to match.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Your customers expect several things from their windows, and one of the most important expectations is curb appeal. Your customers want their windows to match their home and they want to have the right options available to create the perfect, custom product for their needs. Vinyl windows and doors provide endless options when it comes to finding the perfect color match, selecting custom grids, and if your project is a new build, casing options are also available. All of these custom options allow your customer to showcase the style and elegance that they desire.

Vinyl is a Good Insulator

Vinyl windows and doors provide excellent insulation due to their inherently high R-values. This simply means that they resist heat transfer, which will keep your customers’ homes far more comfortable throughout the year and may even help to reduce energy costs. Offering your customers vinyl windows with the highest R-values possible is the best way to help them see a sizable return on their window investments. In fact, vinyl has the highest R-value in its price range, which is part of the reason why homeowners prefer it to other materials. It’s also important to note that virgin vinyl – or 100% pure vinyl – offers excellent structural rigidity as well as insulation.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

There’s no denying that new wood windows are incredibly attractive but keeping them in beautiful shape requires a great deal of work and maintenance. Without it, the wood quickly loses its luster and may negatively affect a home’s curb appeal. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires virtually no maintenance other than a quick wash now and then. It doesn’t require any sort of scraping, sealing, or staining, and it never needs to be repainted. Vinyl is also far more scratch resistant than natural wood, so it will look like new for many years to come with little more than soap and water.


Of the three most common window materials in the US – wood, aluminum, and vinyl – vinyl is the best value. Wood is the most expensive of the three. Wood can be a great insulator, and it looks fantastic from the sidewalk, but it costs about 50% more than vinyl or aluminum. Though vinyl and aluminum are in the same price range, aluminum has a high U-value, which means it will do little to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption. In parts of the country with hot summers and cold winters, the benefits of vinyl’s R-value are tangible, and that’s what makes vinyl the best overall value dollar-for-dollar.

It’s easy to see why vinyl windows are so popular among American homeowners. Homeowners want a large variety of sizes, styles, finishes, and colors to suit their homes’ exteriors, but they also want low-maintenance, insulating windows they can afford. That’s exactly why vinyl windows and doors are the preference nationwide.