Paradigm Offers Innovative Glass Solution: NEAT+ ™

Feb 4, 2021Behind the Blinds, What's New

Effective 2/8/21, Paradigm Windows is pleased to announce that we will be offering NEAT+™ glass as an option for our entire 8-Series product line-up.

NEAT+ is an innovative glass solution that includes an invisible coating technology that is applied on the exterior surface of the window. NEAT+ is more conductive than uncoated glass as it dissipates static, resulting in a reduction in the amount of dust and dirt on the window’s surface. The coated layer reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and rain to breakdown greenhouse gases and other pollutants causing organic material on the glass to decompose, keeping your windows naturally cleaner.

NEAT+ means your window glass stays cleaner, longer!


Read more about this product here.

You can also watch the product, in action here.

Important Details:

  • Available on all 8 Series products
  • Not available on 5 Series
  • All Neat IGs are order-out
  • Double glazed only, no triple
  • Only on glass options with LowE 270 on surface #2, with Argon
  • Available annealed or tempered
  • SS, DS & 3/16” glass strengths
  • Available with obscure on the interior
  • No laminated glass
  • No tinted glass
  • No applied grids (SDL, interior or exterior)
  • Not available on SGD glass with BBG

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