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Premium Vinyl Awning Windows

Modern Vinyl Awning Windows Keep Bad Weather Out and the Fresh Air Flowing

New Construction SKU: NC8300-AWN | Replacement Windows KU: RW8300-AWN

Vinyl awning windows provide a clean and contemporary look. This window type is hinged at the top and opens outward, keeping precipitation out when open, allowing air to circulate freely. Paradigm awning windows offer a unique solution to your smaller and higher wall elevation installation needs. Due to their placement and opening style, awning windows add a level of privacy and security while still allowing sunlight to beam into your home.

Three continuous seals of weather-stripping around the window’s perimeter provide a strong barrier that eliminates drafts and delivers ultimate comfort. Paradigm’s premium awning windows also feature our unique multi-chambered, fusion welded sashes and frames ensuring durability and longevity. Our modern vinyl awning windows are available for both replacement and new construction projects.

Product Details

  • Sleek streamlined appearance
  • Ergonomically designed operating hardware with tuck-away crank handle
  • Dual-point Locking System
  • Washability Hardware
  • Triple Compression Weather-stripping
  • Color matched hardware securely locks the Sash & Frame together and compliments the beautiful window design



  • 1Low-E 270/I89 Low-E with Argon gas
  • 1Triple glazed with blended gas
  • Obscure glass for privacy
  • Additional glass packages available upon request


Contour Grid
Flat Grid
Single Prairie Grid

SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) Grids

Single Prairie SDL


  • Engineered for performance, durability and smooth operation
  • Designed to achieve a high end, low profile appearance

(Available colors) (lock example is for color option only)

Brushed Nickel

Injected Foam Insulation

Injected foam insulation (Optional)


(Half screens included on replacement windows / Full screens included on new construction)

Standard Fiberglass Screen

Exterior Casing (Available for New Construction products only)

Flat Casing - 4 Sided
Brickmould - 4 Sided
3 Sided with Still Nose
Exterior Casings Profile

Interior Drywall Receiver (Available for New Construction Products Only)

Interior Drywall Receiver
1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4"

Jamb Extension (Available for New Construction Products Only)

Clear Pine 6 9/16”
Primed Finger-Jointed 4 9/16”
Primed Finger-Jointed 6 9/16”

Standard Finish Options

White Vinyl
Tan Vinyl

Optional Finishes

Black (029)
Bronze (023)
Forest Green (022)
Anthracite Grey

The button will take you to NFRC website. This allows for performance data to reflect the exact window based on the specifications selected.
Paradigm reserves the right to change data values at any time.

Extruded PVC components produced from commercial quality virgin PVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride), conforms to AAMA 303 from sections in one piece, straight, true and smooth. Provide multi-chambered PVC extruded frames and sash in accordance with the manufacturers standard practice. Fusion welded frame joints strong enough to develop full strength of members.

Operating Hardware: Awning operating hardware is Roto X-Drive manufactured by Roto-Frank, Chester, CT.   All operating handles are the folding type.

Locking Device: Locking device shall be Roto X-Drive locking system manufactured by Roto-Frank, Chester, CT. Materials are high pressure zinc die-cast handle, case and sliders (liquid or powder coated painted finish).

Glass and Glazing: Glass shall conform to DD-G-451 and not less than “B” quality. Factory glazed ¾” insulating glass conforming to ASTM-E-774, with warm edge seal spacer. Glazing shall be integral glazing type system with architectural back bedded glazing tape and designed to maintain a watertight seal between glass and sash frame. Non-standard glass options will have metal box-type spacer with dual seal system.

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