Bow & Bay


Bow & Bay

Premium Vinyl Bow and Bay Windows

Add Value and Beauty To Your Home With a Custom Bow or Bay Window

New Construction SKU: NC8300-BOW | Replacement Windows KU: RW8300-BOW

Both bay and bow windows protrude outward from the main walls of a building, designed to create space and provide a wider view of the outdoors. The difference between the two is that a bay window is typically constructed from three or more windows, where bow windows are typically larger and consist of four to six windows with less of an outward projection.

Paradigm bow and bay windows can enhance your living space while providing sweeping views, added ventilation and more natural light. This type of window is designed to be energy efficient by incorporating insulated head and seat boards. When space allows, consider adding one of these truly beautiful and uniquely configured windows to your new construction or replacement project.


Product Details

  • Ready to finish seat boards, headboards, and side jambs are manufactured from 1 1/2” thick insulated high-quality birch veneer plywood compared to conventional ¾” thick plywood
  • Interior head and seat boards of Bay and Bow windows can be stained or painted to match your decor
  • Proprietary Anti-water penetration system to help protect against unwanted water infiltration
  • Bay Angles available: 30 and 45
  • 20″ or 24″ Wide Flanker Windows, available in 8-Series Double Hung, Single Hung, Hybrid, Picture, or Casement style windows only.
  • Custom Flankers Sizes are Available
    • Note: Flanker Size will affect the Projection of the Bay Windows
  • Bow angle available: 10
  • Bow windows can be configured with 3, 4, or 5 8-Series Casement, Picture, Single Hung, Hybrid or Double Hung windows
  • A factory installed cable system ensures the strength you need for proper support and installation


Option availability is dependent upon the window style chosen


  • 1Low-E 270/I89 with Argon Gas
  • Low-E 270 with Argon Gas
  • Triple glazed with blended gas
  • Obscure Glass for Privacy
  • Additional Glass packages available upon request

1Meets 2016 Energy Star Requirements


Contoured Grid
Available in two widths, our colonial style contoured grids give an elegant look while maintaining our easy to clean feature.
Flat Grid
Available in two widths, our flat grids give a classic look and are available in a variety of configurations.

SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) Grids

By placing traditional grids on top of the interior and/or exterior surface of the glass, you get the look of a true divided lite. We offer two different width options.

Standard Finish Options

White Vinyl
Tan Vinyl

Optional Finishes

Black (029)
Clay (010)
Cameo (001)
Bronze (023)
Sable (014)
Forest Green (022)
Anthracite Grey

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