Dreaming about home improvement projects usually centers around updating the visuals or aesthetics of a room with new furniture, fresh paint, and/or updated appliances. What usually gets overlooked are windows. Responsible for tying together both indoor and outdoor aesthetics, a window replacement is an important consideration that is often overlooked. Beyond their form, windows also play a significant role in maintaining comfort throughout a space. But when is the right time to consider a window replacement? Give the windows around the house a thorough inspection, and keep the following in mind while considering the improvements a window replacement company could provide.

Age of the Windows

Like all major fixtures in a home, most windows have a shelf life. While longer than other similar fixtures, the typical best by date for window replacements varies based on the materials used and the quality of manufacturing. For homes older than 20 years that are still using the original aluminum, wood, or even some vinyl windows updates should definitely be considered — not only to stay current with the latest trends but to benefit from the more recent improvements in energy efficiency and function. When considering replacement windows, know that Paradigm windows, which stand out with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee versus competitors, will make future window replacements few and far between.

Considering window replacement is also pertinent for homeowners seeing an increase in heating and cooling costs. Older windows are not as capable of insulating a home from heating and cooling shifts, and older windows in wooden frames are likely losing their ability to keep out drafts. Gas-filled windows with LowE glass are an ideal update for homes seeing a rise in heating and cooling bills, as the combination of materials helps insulate homes from outdoor weather shifts.

Frame Failures and Leaks

Speaking of wooden window frames, if there is visible damage or warping in the window frame, or if a window is not able to properly close, chances are highly likely that it is time for an update. As wooden window frames age, they can become more susceptible to warping, cracking, and wood rot, all of which make it more difficult for a window to create a seal as it once did. Furthermore, frame issues can begin letting in drafts or leaks, causing much more discomfort and damage to the surrounding areas around the window, and creating additional home renovation costs.

Upgrading to vinyl windows from a reputable window replacement company is an ideal option. Vinyl maintains its material integrity over time and does not experience the same issues of rot and warping that can plague wooden window frames.

Finding a Fresh Look

Perhaps there are no major points of damage in a window or window frame, but looking at a home as a whole, the style of the windows feels out of place. Replacing or updating a home’s windows can be the missing piece to complete a renovated look, bringing a fresh, modern feel to an outdated space. This will reflect both inside and outside, driving up the drive-by curb appeal for a home, and provide extra justification for those looking to list their home to do so for a slightly higher price than the surrounding neighbors.

There are a multitude of reasons to consider window replacements, with varying levels of immediacy. For help finding the best fit for your home, consider reaching out to Paradigm Windows. With over 40 years of experience, Paradigm has focused on providing customers with quality, custom vinyl window solutions with unparalleled customer service support. Whether considering new construction, a renovation project, or a commercial application, Paradigm Windows pairs with top local talent to ensure every installation is performed with the utmost integrity and quality. Reach out to Paradigm Windows for more information, or to find a local Paradigm dealer in your area.