While you may be surprised, the answer is definitely TRUE. Vinyl windows actually are great for commercial projects thanks to their many benefits. After all, windows for commercial projects need to be energy-efficient, low maintenance, easy to install and easily customizable. 

Vinyl windows can offer you all of that. Let’s look at each of these benefits in more detail.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows for Commercial Buildings


Vinyl windows can be customized to fit the needs of any commercial project, which is priceless for projects that require unique-sized window openings. 

When working with the right window company, there are a plethora of designs that can be customized, including double hung, single hung, hybrid, casement, awning, hopper, sliding, picture, or bow and bay windows. 

Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient windows and doors are critical for not only reducing a building’s carbon footprint but because they can also reduce energy bills over time. Choosing vinyl as the window material is a smart choice when it comes to energy efficiency.

According to the Department of Energy, “Windows are responsible for about 10% of energy use in buildings and influence end uses that comprise 40% of building energy use.”




Low Maintenance 

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl windows is that they’re low maintenance. The sashes on vinyl windows can be easily removed from the frame, making them easy to clean and replace. They are not sensitive to average cleaners, and you can wipe grime away with a simple rag. 

Vinyl is also more durable than many other materials, meaning you are less likely to repair or replace them. Unlike wood, vinyl windows won’t rot or splinter, and unlike metal, there’s no risk of rust. 

Easy Installation

Regardless of the material, proper installation of windows is vital to the performance of the window. Windows that are not properly installed are going to be less energy efficient due to gaps in the frame, and they will not provide the quality performance life for which they are designed. 

If you have someone trained and experienced to install your vinyl windows, you can sleep easy at night.

With a professional involved and windows that fit your building’s openings exactly, vinyl windows are easy and fast to install. This easy installation lessens headaches, training and back-and-forth communication, saving you both time and money on your project.




How Paradigm Can Help

Paradigm products and services have been proven in thousands of commercial projects over the last 40 years.  We offer commercial project owners high-quality vinyl window products at a competitive price point. Add in the easy installation and Paradigm windows are a clear leader in the space. 

Paradigm Window Solutions has raised the standard for vinyl windows by introducing a new set of performance criteria driven by those who know best: consumers, architects and contractors. 

Paradigm’s full line of vinyl windows are built for a lifetime of airtight performance, with a sturdier fusion-welded sash, an industry-leading mullion system and state-of-the-art weather-stripping for maximum durability. There are 12 standard colors to choose from, or you can choose a custom color option to coordinate with your aesthetic. 




With Energy Star® qualification and maintenance-free care, Paradigm windows truly deliver exceptional value. Our windows also provide excellent thermal performance and do not require the addition of storm panels or other barriers for increased thermal efficiency.

Paradigm has a team of specialists that are eager and always ready to help customers every step of the way. At Paradigm, we have a saying, “Built to a Higher Standard… Yours.” 

We back our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty — 20 years on parts, glass and paint and 5 years on labor — which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to projects that choose Paradigm Windows. If there is an issue during or after construction, our in-house Service Team will be there to address it. 

We leverage a distributor/dealer model and only partner with top-notch local installation professionals. We train all of our partners ourselves to ensure you get the best customer service and support available in your community. 

Paradigm windows are designed to exceed expectations, from commercial retail projects to senior living facilities to multi-family apartment buildings. Perhaps one of the most common comments we’ve received from customers who write to us is these four words: “We love our windows.”

Ready to add vinyl windows to your next commercial project? Check out Paradigm’s product lines or find a dealer near you