Window Updates to Make This Fall

Oct 4, 2022Behind the Blinds, What's New

With winter approaching, your time indoors will likely increase as you enjoy time at home. Fall is the ideal time to make home improvements, especially updating your windows. Doing this before winter hits is ideal because it’ll improve the comfort of your home moving into the colder months!

Take The First Step
Begin by deciding if you want to replace all of your windows or only those in certain rooms. Walk through your home and check the windows in every room, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they work properly when opening and closing?
  • What type of shape are they in? Do they match the aesthetic of the house?
  • Do they keep air out? You can test this by placing your hand near the window to feel for a draft or conducting a flame test with a candle to see if it blows out near the closed window.
  • Are you hearing outside noise when the windows are closed?
  • Is there a room you’d like more natural light in?

After analyzing your answers, you’ll be able to determine what windows need replacing. The cost of replacing your windows will depend on how many you’re upgrading along with what style you choose. If you’re replacing all of your windows because they no longer function properly or you want to achieve a specific aesthetic, consider utilizing a fixed rate HELOC to pay for new windows and installation. With a home equity line of credit, you can take advantage of tax benefits when used for home improvements, and only borrow the amount you need. Although replacing your windows is a cost upfront, they have a positive return on investment in regard to your home’s value.

Choose Designs
Whether you’re replacing old windows or want to add new windows to elevate your home, Paradigm Windows offers a variety of styles to choose from. Double and single-hung windows are the most popular choices because they’re both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. With double-hung windows, you have the ease of being able to clean both the interior and exterior from inside your home. For double-hung windows, we offer two series options, the 8-series and 5-series.

If you’re looking to add some new design elements to revamp your home, certain window styles will help achieve this. There are many ways to update your home’s window design. Adding casement windows to your kitchen, skylights to a bathroom or picture windows to your front entrance are all great options. We also offer specialty size windows. If you’re looking to add more natural light to your home, consider adding bay windows. Bay windows can create more natural light and are a great focal point to add to your home. In addition, you automatically create more storage space and a space for sitting.

Focus On Sustainability
When making an investment in your home, you want it to improve your way of life and generate longevity. When upgrading your windows, it’s also an opportunity to add elements of sustainability. With our windows, you can focus on energy-efficiency by choosing Energy Star-approved products. Also, having your windows professionally installed will help ensure that your new windows are properly sealed thus cutting down on energy costs. One last way to focus on sustainable elements is by adding windows to increase the overall natural light. This can help cut down energy consumption and save you money on your electricity bill.

Enjoy Your New Windows
Make your fall project list easier with our help. By replacing your windows now, you’ll be ready to retain heat this winter and your home will be looking great for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re feeling extra festive, check out these window decorating tips to really call out your new windows to your guests and neighbors!

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